A radio play about the longterm effects of childhood trauma.

Download "Portraits of Scarlet" in a MP3 format here.

Portraits of Scarlet (2014) tracks a young woman's refusal to submit to the wake of trauma incurred by nude photographs taken of her as a child, perpetually resurfacing on the internet. Living in constant fear of being recognized, Scarlet is transferred between foster parents until eventually landing herself closer to home than she could have expected.

Your purchase of this work increase your understanding of child exploitation, and furthermore, a portion of the proceeds will benefit ECPAT-UK which is a global leader in the fight against child pornography, child prostitution, and child trafficking.


Samuel Kahler (author, producer, director)

with the acting talents of

Leah Cohen
Jimmy Dailey
Melanie Rothman
Mike Axelrod
Peter Sansbury
Courtney Spiller
Billy Berger-Bailey
Brock Bivens
Sara Jane Munford


Clouded Slum (music, effects, editing)


As a writer, I want to tell a story and share it with the world. Several years ago, I met James R. Marsh, a passionate lawyer who represents victims of worldwide child exploitation. As I came to know more about his work and his clients, I became unsettled by the stories of people who live in such a dark world while their troubles remain largely invisible. This radio play is our reflection on that world and our response to that mask of silence.

This dramatic story is drawn from many real-life stories, details inspired by genuine experiences. Acted in voice and without physical form, this digital radio play is a formal tribute to the hidden sufferings of exploited children, and a stand taken in opposition to the tragic visibility of underage sexual images uploaded and traded online.

Scarlet, our hero, fights an impossible battle. She pursues happiness while the figures and shadows of her past creep close behind. The small events of her daily life explode with emotional resonance – an introduction to a stranger, a change of address, the arrival of an anonymous check.  Scarlet’s past has a life of its own on the internet’s subterranean channels. Her desperate attempt to displace images of her past with an invented persona goes haywire when she accidentally meets her abuser.

Too many victims remain in the shadows, concealing unspeakable turmoil from—as the United States Supreme Court recently recognized—“nightmares and memories that most others will never know.” People like Scarlet deserve to have their stories told.

This downloadable radio play is the inaugural release by Kahler Projects, a creative lab for artistic innovations and social change. Please consider listening to our radio play and making a contribution to ECPAT-UK. Sharing Scarlet’s story will help spread awareness about the victims behind the mask of silence.