Samuel Bennett Kahler is playwright based in New York.

Recap: Play Production of "The Gargoyle..."

Last weekend, Sam's new play "The Gargoyle and the Gun" was produced in Boston, MA as part of Fort Point Theatre Channel's Platforms series. The play ran for three nights: December 10, 11 and 12, 2015.

The short, 10-minute drama was accompanied by live music and sound effects. A violinist played along during tense moments and transitions. A bicycle sound rang out during certain times for comedic effect.

About the play: Kinsley, a college professor, buys a pistol to carry around Boston in case of danger. But can he bear to aim a gun at a fellow citizen? On the way to rendezvous with his secret paramour, he meets Gael, a blind veteran who becomes an unwitting subject for this test of his will. Above them, a gargoyle listens and waits for fate to set her free. The production was acted superbly, with a cast of four.

It was a terrific and memorable experience! See below for photos from the event.

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Upcoming: Play Production in Boston